The Harvard Christian Alumni Society was started in 2018 by a diverse group of alumni. We are currently running elections to establish more of our board of directors.

The board currently consists of:

Andrew Grinstead AB ’97 – President
Andrew-GrinsteadAndrew Grinstead AB ’97 was a member of Harvard Radcliffe Christian Fellowship while an undergraduate. He married his (Catholic) Leverett House next door neighbor (Julie Green ’96) a few years after college. They now have 4 children and live in Mobile, Alabama. Andrew works as the CEO of a wealth management firm, and Julie is a practicing Ob-Gyn. Andrew has been actively involved with the Harvard Alumni Association for a number of years, most recently serving on the HAA Awards Committee. Through his years of involvement with the HAA, he has seen first hand how Harvard can still create fruitful relationships years after graduation. Andrew is looking forward to being part of that continued relationship building for the Harvard Christian alumni community.

Douglas Chin AB ’88 MD ’93 – Founding Trustee

Doug ProfileDuring high school years, I worshipped in a number of different churches, including Pentecostal, Catholic, and Episcopalian. During college I worshipped at Memorial Church (when Peter Gomes was there).  I believe God is moving within the body of Christians in the University and alumni communities!  President Bacow and Dean Khurana often remind us of the transformative power of Harvard’s liberal arts and sciences education and have said that alumni, wherever they are, find themselves in unique positions to effectuate change within their businesses and communities and the world.  I believe that as Christian Harvard alumni, our calling is higher:  Christ sends us out to fully participate in His redemptive story, not only to make disciples of all nations but to heal the sick, feed the poor, and to express His love and grace.  One of God’s great blessings in my life is the education He gave me at Harvard, and I want to use that education to serve Him! I would like to see alumni, students, and faculty coming together, supporting each other in our respective walks, helping to discern our respective vocational and personal callings, and discussing the relevance of our faith in our particular fields and professions.  I would like HCAS to facilitate personal and professional networking, and to support the work of Christians and Christian communities, both at the University and in the world.  HCAS is also uniquely situated to give Christian alumni a voice in University affairs.

Jordan Monge Gandhi AB ’12 – Founding Trustee

Jordan Profile Picture.jpg Jordan Monge AB ’12 was editor-in-chief of Harvard’s Christian magazine The Ichthus during her time as a student and worked for the Veritas Forum for several years after graduation. A proud Quincy penguin, she was also a member of Harvard College Faith and Action. She has a passion for unity and bringing the Christian community together to present its perspective in dialogue with those of other religious backgrounds. She currently works as a private tutor in the San Francisco area and as a mom to 11 month old Lucia. She is excited to help connect God’s people to do God’s work through and for Harvard alumni.

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